Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn Rovers owner duped by phony Tony Mowbray

Many were shocked on Wednesday when news emerged that Blackburn Rovers had replaced Owen Coyle with Tony Mowbray, especially as the incoming manager was reportedly turned down for jobs in lower divisions after carrying out an uninteresting campaign with Coventry City.

Since their takeover of the club in 2010, Indian owners VH Group, better known as ‘The Venky’s, haven’t been favourable for Rovers’ fans, with many poor decisions made which led to the team’s relegation from the Premier League in 2012 as well as other moments which have made the club question their majority shareholder.

Their most recent slip-up was especially bizarre, as a fan rang up Managing Director and CEO Balaji Rao pretending to be Tony Mowbray, with the Indian businessman assuming it was him without question, leading to an unbelievable six-minute-long conversation between the two.

What made the phone call especially funny was how the person imitating Tony Mowbray made no effort to sound anything like the manager, as the voice sounded reasonably young, while in reality, the real Mowbray is fifty-three years old and has a notably older Yorkshire accent.

Out of the conversation, some highlights included where Rao said stated: “All of the money, I don’t want to use it in India, I just want to put it into the club”, adding of how he put £300m – £400m into the club from his own pocket. Although he showed lots of faith in the club’s chances this season, he also said of how ‘I don’t know, this man comes in and we might get into the play-offs.’ A finish in the top six for Blackburn Rovers currently would need at least ten wins from their remaining fifteen fixtures of the season, which seems especially unlikely considering that most other teams will continue to pick up points, leaving a move out of the play-offs as their main priority.

The sound clip came from an ant-Venkys website, which put in special effort to humiliate and frustrate the owners, with hopes that they’d sell on the club to somebody the fans would be more in favour of.